Good News–Dennis Loynes

Dennis has confirmed that Trials of Love was published by Silverwood Books Ltd on the 29th May 2017.
It is available through Amazon at £9.99 paperback or £2.99 on Kindle.
Dennis has a few copies left available at £7.99 if you see him in person.

New Writing Website

Our Chairman would like to share this information with the Circle:

The .pdf, downloadable by clicking the link: The-NW-1, is a new magazine.  It is published by a woman in the US, Shaunta Grimes, who runs all sorts of classes and groups on the web.  She is so productive that Rod sometimes wonders if she is six people!

She recently set up a Patreon subscription and one of the things she is offering to her membership is this magazine, subs start at $3 (about £2.40). Rod sent a submission for the first issue and was accepted. You can see it in the .pdf above. Rod’s is four from the end. Congratulations to Rod.

She says the contibutors will be paid. You can see her website at:

Good News!

More great news from WWC member Mark Billen

Mark’s play ‘Bl … Bl … Bluebeard!’ has been selected for production by Cranmore School, Surrey for production in July. This will be the seventeenth production since publication.

Many congratulations Mark.

“Bluebeard’s Castle” | La Barbe Bleue | acknowledgements to

Remembering The Somme

Members of Worcester Writers’ Circle contributed poetry and prose for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Living Memory project about the Somme. The Battle of the Somme lasted from July to November 1916 so we look back 100 years to commemorate the fallen, especially those who died after the battle as a result of wounds suffered during action or due to the Spanish Flu which claimed many lives.

This is a CWGC funded pamphlet that is free of charge for the first 250 copies. The pamphlets will be available from reception at Worcester (Astwood) Cemetary from Friday 9 December 2016 until stocks run out – one copy per person.

Created with GIMP

In the UK alone, there are more than 12,000 sites commemorating men and women from the First and Second World Wars.

“The men who fought at the Battle of the Somme did so in some of the most horrendous conditions and saw many of their fellow comrades killed or badly wounded. We must never forget them, and instead remember these men by visiting their graves here in the UK and finding out their stories.

“With more than 300,000 war graves and memorials in the UK, I would urge people to get together and explore their nearest war graves – find out about the person behind the headstone and remember them for the sacrifice they gave.”

Maggie Smith – The Friends of the Fallen


A history of the Battle of the Somme can be found here.

If you have memories of a relative who lost their life during or after the Battle of the Somme due to injuries sustained there, or memories of survivors who died later, please get in touch with Worcester Writers’ Circle to have their story told. Contact: