Meetings – 2015

The subjects or genres suggested for each meeting are not compulsory, although some members use them as writing exercises. Feel free to bring along whatever you are working on. The Circle reserves the right to alter the programme to accommodate special events or for circumstances beyond its control.

Tuesday January 6th

Social Evening

Please come and enjoy the evening with fellow writers.

Pot luck buffet – bring food to share & drinks

Tuesday January 20th

A ticket to nowhere (Genre: Travel)

Tuesday February 3rd

The day the music died (Genre: Fantasy)

Tuesday February 17th

Hats off (Genre: Poetry)

Tuesday March 3rd

The man with the big feet (Genre: Horror)

Tuesday March 17th

Two ravens (Genre: Children’s)

Tuesday April 7th

Three little trees (Genre: Romance)

Tuesday April 21st

Beware of the gerbil (Genre: Poetry)

Tuesday May 5th

Death of Napoleon (Genre: Historical)

Tuesday May 19th

An energetic sleeper (Genre: Chic Lit)

Tuesday June 2nd

Could you turn it down? (Genre: Thriller)

Tuesday June 16th

The first woman in space (Genre: Farce)

Tuesday July 7th

Camel breath (Genre: Humour)

Tuesday July 21st

Chocolate Cake (Genre: Children’s Fantasy)

Tuesday August 4th

Murder on stage (Genre: Crime)

Tuesday August 18th

The return visit (Genre: Sci Fi)

Tuesday September 1st

I don’t belong here (Genre: Noir)

Tuesday September 15th

Circle AGM

Please try to attend

Followed by readings, if time allows

Tuesday October 6th

The white bridge (Genre: Poetry)

Tuesday October 20th

The reluctant angel (Genre: Children or Poetry)

Tuesday November 3rd

The wrong size jacket (Genre: Mystery)

Tuesday November 17th

Duck boards (Genre: War)

Tuesday December 1st

Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Love, War, Fertility and Lust  (Genre: Fantasy)

Tuesday December 15th

Do they know it’s Christmas? (Genre: Humour)

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