Meetings 2021

The subjects or genres suggested for each meeting are optional, although some members use them as writing exercises. Feel free to bring along whatever you are working on. The Circle reserves the right to alter the programme to accommodate special events or for circumstances beyond its control.

COVID-19 announcement

Meeting structure for 2021

With the ongoing issues of Covid-19 affecting social gatherings, the existing meeting structure (as agreed for  2020) will remain in place for now. Unless otherwise stated, on the first Tuesday of the month, meetings will take the form of members e-mailing each other with their stories/poems and gaining feedback in this way. On the third Tuesday of each month, we will meet via Zoom.

NB The Social Evening on 5th January has been postponed. In its place, we will be holding a zoom meeting on the prompt planned for the 19th January (White rabbit – Genre: Crime)   

Tuesday January 5th  – Zoom meeting        
White rabbit (Genre: Crime)

Tuesday January 19th – Zoom/e-mail meeting (if you would like to Zoom, please join the Zoom meeting. If you’d prefer to send in your work by e-mail, you can do this too)   
To be confirmed (Genre: Open – you choose)

Tuesday February 2nd – email meeting      
The lone runner (Genre: Fantasy)

Tuesday February 16th – Zoom meeting       
Tunnel of ice (Genre: Dystopian)

Tuesday March 2nd – email meeting           
The bubble machine (Genre: Children’s Story)

Tuesday March 16th – Zoom meeting         
The meet up (Genre: Satire)

Tuesday April 6th  – email meeting      
In a bed of blossom (Genre: Poetry)  

Tuesday April 20th – Zoom meeting        
Tranquil waters (Genre: Travel) 

Tuesday May 4th  –  email meeting       
The May Fly (Genre: Nature)

Tuesday May 18th  – Zoom meeting         
A funny day at the office (Genre: Comedy Sketch) 

Tuesday June 1st –  email meeting        
Catch up (Genre: Mystery)

Tuesday June 15th – Zoom meeting    
The doppelgänger (Genre: Psychological Thriller) 

Tuesday July 6th   
When the rains came (Genre: Adventure) 

Tuesday July 20th   
My first car (Genre: Young adult) 

Tuesday August 3rd       
Feel the warmth (Genre: Murder) 

Tuesday August 17th   
Eaten by a folding bed (Genre: Humour) 

Tuesday September 7th   
My aunt’s will (Genre: Gothic) 

Tuesday September 21st 
Circle AGM      
Please try to attend   
Followed by readings, if time allows

Tuesday October 5th   
Blunt instrument (Genre: Farce) 

Tuesday October 19th   
Halloween spooks (Genre: Stories or Poetry) 

Tuesday November 2nd  
After the music stops (Genre: Romance) 

Tuesday November 16th   
The raging sea (Genre: Historical Fiction) 

Tuesday December 7th    
Ice burn (Genre: Poetry) 

Tuesday December 21st    
I used to have one of those (Genre: Christmas Story)